Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy "Flour" Day

This week is "Spring Fling" at Preschool and the kids are to wear a crazy shirt each day to help celebrate the new season (bearing in mind it frosted last night and we're all wearing winter coats - welcome Spring?). Regardless of the weather, today is Flower Day (wear a flowered shirt), tomorrow is Bug Day (wear a buggy shirt) and Thursday is Rainbow Day (wear your favorite color, which for us means Orange).

I'm perplexed. I have two boys and zilch in the closet containing anything remotely floral. Then, my food brain kicks in and I improvise with a play on words: "FLOUR" Day! Perfect! I can do this and won't have to buy Hawaiian floral shirts and it'll be fun. With a little cut and paste action from the internet, by boys went to school today with "Floured" shirts on. (Clearly my youngest is not quite sure of why he has pictures of White Lily and Pillsbury flour saftey pinned to his shirt - some thing tells me these won't last until lunchtime).

Happy Flour Day!

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  1. Ok. I am LAUGHING!!!! You so smart. A++++ for innovation!