Friday, March 11, 2011

Mueller's Neighborhood Grille - Restaurant Review

I was jetting around uptown Charlotte, in between meetings and starving like a madwoman who hadn’t eaten in days. As I passed the traditional chains, nothing screamed out to me to be eaten….until I remembered there was a little sandwich place in the heart of Myer’s Park that I had yet to visit. Hmmm. Curiosity peaked, I swerved onto Huntley Place right there at the Providence and Queens and Queens and Queens intersection…right behind the old Myer’s Park Hardware store. You natives know where I’m talking about.

There was a little hot dog cart with a simple sign that read “Mueller’s Neighborhood Grill” pointing me to my destination – a humble lunchtime haunt for many, a diamond in the rough waiting to be discovered by the musing foodie. It’s no frills dining with an aroma of burgers and sandwiches wafting around that had me salivating on my shoes before I could even place my order.

Known for their burgers, I needed something a little ‘neater’ for the car ride to my next destination, so I settled on a Cuban Sandwich. Mr. Mueller himself was there to take my order and steered me in another direction as he happened to be out of his famous Irish Soda Bread that makes his Cubans all the rage. He recommended a Reuben…little did he know I love this sandwich more than my Kindergarten Teacher (and Mrs. Gun will always have a special place in my heart). He and his friendly staff whipped up a Turkey Reuben in no time, along with a pasta salad and a bite size dessert to go.

I was in my car in minutes and began enjoying this incredible sandwich…thankfully there was a red light. I stopped the car and savored what just might be the most perfectly grilled Turkey Reuben ever…and I used to eat them weekly, so I know my Reubens. Typically there is never enough Thousand Island Dressing…not on this one. The rye bread was buttery, grilled with a perfect crispy edge, the right amount of dressing slathered on to accompany the sauerkraut, turkey and melted Swiss. What’s not to love, drool and crave for days on end?

I finished my sandwich and was satisfied – not stuffed to where I needed a nap, not still hungry because it was a frou-frou miniature size. I have found sandwich bliss perfection in this new haunt that you should also pay a visit to; if you know what’s good for you. Lunch anyone? I’m craving a Cuban and word has it the famous bread is back in stock!

Now if I can just twist his arm to open for dinner instead of just lunchtime from 11-3pm. Mueller said fingers were crossed for April.

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