Friday, March 25, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

I feel like I’ve been hit by a freight train. Traveling and speaking all week long, spring allergies, a cold, and let’s toss in a sleepless night with an almost 2 year old last night that makes me want to curl up under my desk and hide and sleep until I feel better. Wishful thinking and enough of the wah-wah-wah. I’m thrilled to be back home with my family!

I left the Gateway to the West yesterday with a few new food experiences under my belt. The barbeque was tasty – I tried both their brisket and the turkey (both smoked, preferred the turkey - surprisingly) with some bacon mac ‘n cheese (ok YUM! Add bacon to just about anything and it's good), learned of a new super thin pizza crust style in St. Louis pizza (who knew they had their own twist on things?)…and discovered Ghirardelli has a Carmel Latte chocolate?! Let’s not talk about how many of those I downed. And though this wasn’t authentic to STL (though neither was the chocolate), I did down an amazing Wolfgang Puck pizza at the airport that has me wanting to re-concoct it at home – spinach and mushroom with fresh tomatoes, basil pesto and goat cheese! Ahhhh! My gourmet tastebuds were doing a jig. Loved it! Inhaled it. Craving it now. It would be better than the cookies I just ate for breakfast.

So, nope – no recipes to share today as I’m in a fog – but there’s always next week. I can’t remember what day it is, how to spell my name or what on earth I’m fixing my family for dinner, but I’m HOME and that means happiness.

Have a great weekend – don’t forget to go to church on Sunday and we’ll chat soon!


  1. Welcome home, Shug!Maybe you should take a load off and go to Wolfgang Pucks for dinner!

  2. It was great to see you!! Talk Joyce into bringing you to STL again. I'd love to have more time to talk to you! :)

  3. @HPS - thank you! I thought they closed our WPs? The pizza was great.

    @ Mary - loved seeing you, too short of a visit for us to get caught up. You look fantastic!