Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Travel Blues

I rarely have to travel for work, but yesterday I exchanged my views of a Carolina Blue Sky for the St. Louis Arch. My husband has a well stocked refrigerator and freezer, a list of no less than 43 instructions on how to heat up the pot roast, how to make the gravy, what clothes to put the kids in for picture day and what size pb&j goes in whose lunch. He's a trouper and good on everything but the extra trip out to buy candy for the preschool Spring Fling.

I had to laugh at my morning antics - why couldn't I have a stress free experience where I serenely feed my children waffles, we skip to the car holding hands and end up singing Old MacDonald all the way to school? Instead, I'm running around de-boning chicken I put in the slow cooker overnight so I could freeze it before my trip. The sale was outrageously good - I bought 6 packages.

While putting the chicken into freezer containers, wearing 4" heels, I'm making lunches, cooking sausage (to freeze for quiche and pizza at a later date), feeding the boys a quick breakfast of yogurt instead of the cherished waffles, brushing unruly blond hair, trying to figure out why my youngest won't stop crying and Old MacDonald renditions were replaced with lectures on being good while I'm gone. Did I mention my flat iron broke too?

At least I had it together enough to get their love notes from me and a toy for each set up to surprise them when they get home from school. So I'll bid you adieu for now. I wrote this while squished in a window seat, sipping a Decaf Peppermint Mocha and am looking forward to experiencing Midwestern Barbeque...but first I need to finish reading about the best bites to eat at restaurants in airports, courtesy of my in flight magazine.

Chat more soon!

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