Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Apple Bread Loser meets Sesame Chicken Winner!

I made what I thought would be the most amazing apple bread to ever grace kitchens across America. A delicious array of ingredients; apples, apple sauce, raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg, walnuts, an applesauce brown sugar glaze that turns into apple butter when you bake it. Surely this one was going to be a winner?

Surely it was not.

The house smelled incredible while it was baking. We were all salivating on our shoes, just waiting for the 50 minutes of baking time to pass so we could pounce on this apple deliciousness.

The effort was not worth the outcome. It's a perfectly fine recipe - no glaring tastebud issues. It just wasn't aMaZiNg. And that's what I was seeking. Not one family member thinks it's all that great. So we're eating it for breakfast this week anyway (even though I scowl every time I look at it) and it's being nixed from the list, never to be fixed again (except for that apple glaze that has got to be good on something...I'll continue to ponder that one).

In the mean time, last night I had a party for dinner. No hats, streamers or gifts - just a fun night of party foods. Who says you have to have an excuse? There was an Asian themed appetizer that had been calling out my name and by golly it was a success! Finally!

I started by marinating chicken nugget sized pieces of chicken breasts over night in equal parts of soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, 2 cloves of minced garlic and some sesame oil. Then I prepared a breading of flour, cornstarch and sesame seeds and breaded all of the chicken.

Next it was fry time. I fried all of the breaded chicken in a mixture of Peanut and Canola Oil (only because I ran out of Peanut Oil and needed more so Canola stepped up to the plate, good 'ol gal!)

While the chicken was cooking, I steamed several dozen snow peas and then quickly cooled them on ice to stop the cooking process (Yes, this was so Iron Chef, I was slightly giddy about this ice bath too).

Next, the cooked chicken gets wrapped in a snow pea and secured by a toothpick. And for your information, any food served on a toothpick gets automatic Party Food status. I whipped up a bunch of these with a chili dipping sauce.

We ooh'd and ahh'd and were so pleased with the end result. It's a fixer-againer!

And with that, I'll bid you good day! (With one slight confession that I simply have to share). I left my brain at home today. Have you ever used one of the vacuums at the gas station? You know, the super suckers that take quarters and you rush around like a nut trying to vacuum the entire inside of the car before the time runs out? Well, I used one today. I pulled out the kid's 2 car seats so I could get all of the crumbs, crackers, granola bar bits and oh there's that sock! I pulled away. I drove home. I got out of the car to go in the house.

I realized I left the carseats back at the gas station on the side walk.

Racing back to the gas station, praying the Lord would keep evil car seat stealers from helping themselves, they were thankfully still there and I felt like a fool as I threw them in the backseat and madly dashed off. Sigh. The chocolate bar I just consumed was merely for medicinal stress purposes.

Have a delicious day!


  1. What a great idea----appetizers for dinner! I think if I did that, though, I'd eat a little too many:) They look great!

    I'm laughing at the carseat incident, too. How funny!! I'm glad nobody stole them. I'd be afraid of that, too!

  2. I think the snow pea made it healthy, right? :) We love appetizers for dinner - lots of fun for the kids. And the carseat - utter panic! What a day.

  3. That's a good one for the catering menu, shug! Bless your heart. You've had a rough week in the car (seat) dept.