Monday, April 4, 2011

Spice up your Kitchen Life!

Happy Monday to you! The sun is shining in the South again, it's warming up to short sleeve and flip flop weather and I just had a marvelous weekend with my family. I'm blessed, plain and simple. I'm sitting here developing my grocery list for the week and...hold on, it's WAYYY too quiet in the house for my 20 month old. Be right back.

Lord Have Mercy. I went downstairs to discover my son wanted yogurt, opened it and preceded to create a Hansel and Gretel trail for me to find him. Yogurt all over the kitchen floor...on the outside and INSIDE of the silverware drawer....on the outside and inside of the french doors to the deck...all over the deck and outside windows and OH THERE HE IS behind the propane tank for the grill. Smiling. "Big Mess, Mommy" is the response I got from him. Gracious. Now that that mess is cleaned up, I'll get back to my post.

So I'm working on my menu and wanted to encourage you to break away from your tried and trues. Do you ever feel like you're fixing the same things over and over again? I feel like we use certain recipes as a crutch - they're easy, they're good, we know our family likes them - but after fixing them 247 times, they get a little ho-hum boring boring boring.

Spice up your kitchen life and pull out those dusty cookbooks! I have a guilty pleasure of a zillion cookbooks. I love them, read them, get them as gifts and often times will fix one or two recipes from them and then get another new one. There are clearly hundreds dare I say thousands of recipes that are delicious little nuggets of tastiness that just sit in my cabinets and never get fixed. I love trying new things and do it fairly often, but have decided to go crazy and fix ALL NEW recipes this week - pulling them from my archives of cookbooks.

You've GOT to be kidding me. I need to interrupt this broadcast once again folks - sorry. Denton found the spare prescription strength $25 a container of diaper rash cream. Oh no. It's bad. I'll be asking for a carpet steamer in my easter basket.

Sigh. Unbelievable. Two disasters in less than an hour - have the terrible twos hit 3 months early?!

So, in order to keep my recipes straight, I am a scribbler - I make notes by every recipe I fix in a cookbook so I can remember the next time I revisit it. You'd laugh at my notations as they vary from "Delicious! A favorite! and "Add Butter" to "Horrible! Never fix again!" Who wants to make the same mistake twice? Try it - the method helps.

I've pulled out a favorite cookbook and perused it for new inspiration. I challenge you to do the same - try something that sounds good to you and give it a whirl. You just might have a new "Delicious! A favorite!" in you cookbook that you never knew was there. I compiled a list and am excited at this week's culinary adventure...

Artichoke Dip (I have a large jar of marinated artichokes in my frig)
Black Bean Dip (Black beans taste amazing and I can't wait to try this!)
Sesame Chicken with Chili Dipping Sauce (Totally intriged - you wrap the chicken in sugar snap peas!)
California Pizza (This is perfect because I have a jar of basil pesto in my pantry that I haven't known what to do with).
Asian Chicken Salad (Ok, I'll admit - I've fixed this one before, but it's been about 2 years, we're due)
Green Enchilada Casserole (This involves a homemade tomatillo sauce - whoooaaaa!)
Lemonade Cake (This is a trial run for my friend HPS' mom)
Red Velvet Whoopie Pies (I was given a mix as a gift and it's burning a hole in the pantry shelf - I HAVE to fix them).
Apple Bread (I made Banana Bread over the weekend and it's great for breakfasts - now on to Apple!)

So that's my week - doesn't it sound delicious? I'm excited to see how everything turns out and it'll make for some great posts for me to write.

Have a great week and we'll chat soon! I'm off to get about a pints worth of smeared diaper rash cream out of my carpets. Wish me luck!

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  1. Such a funny post! I hope you got the messes cleaned up:)
    I did this recently...spent about 2 weeks making all new recipes. Some were no good, but some were keepers. I actually went through all my cooking magazines and tore out the recipes I wanted to make so I could throw the mags out. Then I made a "tried and true" recipe notebook. Let us know how the recipes go!