Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: For the love of a Danish

You've heard me say it before: I love a good Danish. They are perfect for breakfast and so when Entenmann's had a buy one get one free sale at the grocery store, I happy danced all they way in to Harris Teeter. Grabbing 5 of the Raspberry Danish Twist, I have a little tip to share with you. These delicious store bought beauties are perfect for breakfast before church on Sundays.

I sliced them into individual servings, placed them in sandwich bags and put them back in their respective boxes. The boxes went into the freezer and now I have a good 4 months worth of Sunday morning breakfasts fixed and frozen. Beautiful!

Now all I have to do is pull individual servings out Sunday morning before I get ready and by the time the lipgloss goes on and the hair is curled to perfection, they are defrosted. My family enjoys them warmed up for 20 seconds and breakfast is a huge hit.

Feel free to share some of your time saving ideas - I'm always up for a delicious time saver! (And for you locals, the sale is still on thru today at midnight!)

Have a great day!

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