Monday, April 11, 2011

What to do with leftover Bacon?

Good morning and welcome to the start of a brand new week! I DID try a bunch of those recipes over the past few days and am pleased to report back to you the results.

I painstakingly made a Green Enchilada Casserole with a Salsa Verde from scratch. The results: mediocre at best. LOVE the Salsa Verde and will hang on to that portion of the recipe. The casserole won't be fixed again.

Black Bean Dip - promising. We enjoyed, but its goodness was overshadowed by the mediocrity of the aforementioned casserole (served the same evening). I'll give this one a second chance. (And how aweful are these photos? It looks like I took a picture of shredded cheese - there is a casserole and bean dip under there - I promise).

Pink Lemonade Cake with Lemon Buttercream Icing - HUGE success. I'm putting this one on the catering menu. Served in cupcake style, they were a crowd pleaser to family and friends alike. Refreshing, light and delish - they are fixer-againers!

Chewy Graham Brownies - decadent, delicious and disappeared before a photo could be taken.

I still have a few more recipes on my list from last week to try and I love the fact that I'm using my cookbooks to their full potential, trying new foods and adding some winners to the archives.

I'll leave you with this great tip concerning BACON! I love bacon - though I don't fix it very often. It's messy, greasy - almost more work to clean up than it's worth. I usually fix half a package for a Saturday breakfast once in a blue moon and the rest sits in the frig until it expires and has to be thrown away. Not anymore! I have resorted to a virtually mess-free bacon cooking experience.

Yesterday I wanted to doll up a side salad to fix with lunch and bacon seemed to be the perfect accoutrament. Not wanting to pull out a skillet and go through that whole frying ordeal, I grabbed two paper towels and a dinner plate. I put one paper towel down on the plate, placed 4 slices of bacon on top of that and then covered it with the 2nd paper towel. Microwaving it for 4 minutes gave me 4 slices of crispy bacon - all the grease had been soaked up in the paper towels. I crumbled it over my salads - delicious! How great is this?!

Have a delicious day and we'll chat soon! (I think there are Reeces pb eggs in the house that I need to seek out and munch on).


  1. Okay, how do you make such good food and stay so slim??? I don't get it?! Share that secret, please:)

    We learned a bacon tip from Rachel Ray once that we use all the time now. Line a rimmed cookie sheet with heavy foil. Lay bacon on and bake in oven until ready. After bacon is removed, the foil can be balled up and thrown away making NO mess! No more greasy pans!

  2. I have no idea - I'm feeling like a fatty right now, so I appreciate the slim compliment! Nice on the bacon tip!! I'm all for ease of cleanup,