Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Awhile back I hit the absolute jackpot on some Rhodes Frozen Dinner Rolls. It’s the dough that you bake yourself. Since my freezer was full of dough balls, I asked around to see who among my friends got in on the deal and what they made with their said rolls. One of the suggestions was calzones and I simply had to try them for myself. Talk about easy and delicious! I could eat two right now just typing this. In fact, well never mind, I’ll be good and continue to drink my tumbler of water instead. Particularly since I ate cookies for breakfast.

On with the calzones! Two dough balls (or rolls) make one small calzone and I planned on two per adult and one per child. I simply followed the directions for the rolls on the back of the package, unthawing them at room temperature for several hours (under a Pam-sprayed plastic wrap layer to keep in the gases).

Each roll miserably deflates when you pick it up to turn it into a calzone.

Not to worry – redemption is two steps away! After mushing out a roll into the size of an adult’s palm, I spooned on some pizza sauce...

Then added some cooked crumbled Jimmy Dean sausage and black olives.

And don't forget a slab of mozzarella cheese...

Following suit by mushing out (love my technical terms here?) my second dough ball, I placed it over the top of the pizza looking thing I just created.

Gently pushing the seams together and rolling them under so all the goods don’t seep out, I repeated these steps until all my calzones were made.

Then I set them back into my oven to rise (the oven wasn’t on). I let the calzones rise again for about 20-30 minutes. I find the oven is a good place to let dough rise as it’s out of the way of kids running, Frisbees flying and the occasional toddler who climbs up on the counter to get candy without asking. You can see the amount it rose by in comparing these photos - 1 is prior to rising, 2is after I put it unter Pam-sprayed plastic wrap for the 20-30 minute timeframe.

They were picture perfect in my eyes and I baked them at 350 for 18ish minutes until they turned slightly brown. Some of the goods did unfortunately seep out of the one. Oh well. You win some, you lose some. No one has to see the cheesy goodness you scoop up and eat before you present a plate of perfection to your family.

I served these with ramekins of marinara sauce and they were a fantastic use of my dinner roll dough. I’ll be repeating this again soon.


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