Friday, May 6, 2011

An Early Mother's Day

Yesterday afternoon I received an early Mother's Day gift. My husband was home early, we were feeding my almost 2 year old a snack in the kitchen and in the front door walks my 4 year old holding a small white box. He excitedly ran into the kitchen and grabbed my hand, pulling me away from everyone else and had me sit on the stairs.

Taking both of my hands in his, he looked into my eyes and sweetly sang to me a song about how mommies are for kissing and hugging and at the conclusion of the song, presented me with the white box. He went ahead and opened it, revealing two miniature blueberry muffins wrapped in waxed paper.

Handing them to me with an expectant look on his face, I asked him if one was for me and one was for him? He nodded and I gave him one of the muffins, which we enjoyed on the spot. No one else in the family knew of our special moment and my eyes filled with tears as I kissed him and hugged him. The contents of the little white box were more valuable to me than anything a blue box from Tiffany's could ever hold. His sweet little song will be forever etched in my heart and I may have just had one of the best Mother's Day's ever...a few days early.

I'm blessed to not only be a mom of two precious boys, but to have a wonderful mother who has been an amazing role model. I'm richly blessed. I wish all of you a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

Don't forget to go to church on Sunday!

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