Thursday, July 14, 2011

Earthfare Tomato Contest!

I've been traveling like mad and after clicking my heels 3 times, am glad to say 'There's no place like Home.' I came home to a minor crisis (besides the kitchen floor having a strange sticky film on it most likely from peach juice dripping from two and four year old chins) - we were down to one lonely little tomato. I had plans - big plans for baking some tomato pies and tarts and one little tomato put me in crisis mode.

Thankfully, it only took an email to my father in law to have a bag full of fresh picked wonderment appear at my front door within hours. I'm baking individual sized tomato basil tarts for a catering order and can't wait to get started.

Since we're on the subject of tomatoes, it might be fun to enter this great contest from Earthfare! If you have some spare time on your hands (What is that? Spare time? Huh?) or just feel the creative bones in your body aching for a fun contest, Earthfare is sponsoring a Tomato Contest. They have amazing prizes (to the tune of $500 in giftcards) and it involves photographing your tomatoes; clever, cute, crazy - you decide and upload it to their website.

I'll share mine when I squeeze a few minutes of spare time in my day...after baking these tomato tarts and mopping peach juice off the floor.

Have fun and I hope you win!


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