Monday, August 8, 2011

The Foodie in Maine!

Greetings friends,

I've just returned from a wonderful week long vacation to Maine. In the midst of sifting through emails, digging out from under laundry and figuring out what is and is not a science project in the frig, I wanted to give you a quick shout out to say hello.

Here's the culinary version of my trip...beware, you'll be hungry by the end!

You simply can't visit Maine without having a lobster roll. I had to see what the craze was all about, so here's my lunch one day at The Colony Hotel: (it was a stone's throw from the Bush compound in Kennebunkport - amazing!). Lobster meat is chopped and combined with a little mayo and some celery and placed on a toasted bun. (Don't tell anyone, I liked the chips and pickle better - is that Maine sacriledge?)

We rented a house, which is far easier with small children. Having lots of room for them to romp and play, paddle boat and kayak...we cooked some of our own meals. We ate some of this...(not to highlight their corn, I just thought my son was cute)

But we ate a LOT of this:

We also went fishing for lake trout (utterly delicious) and I caught one! Didn't have to touch the thing thanks to my amazing husband and we ate trout for two meals. There's just something to living off the land (or water) that makes food taste extra sensational.

The best way to cap it all off was with a piece of blueberry pie. Maine blueberries are incomparable and I've emailed the master chef of The Colony Hotel to see if he'll let me in on his secret. Stay tuned on that one!

I've missed y'all - let me get back into the swing of things and we'll chat more soon.


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