Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Tisket A Tasket - I'm giving away a Basket!

Good morning from foodland! My kitchen has been in overdrive this week and it's a fun, satisfied feeling to see the results. I have a roast in the crockpot that has me positively drooling right now, I'm trying to forget about the Gooey Butter Cake I made last night that is hiding in the fridge and I polished off a batch of Fried Green Tomatoes that made my tastebuds do a happy dance.

I am due for a giveaway and this particular one is rather nifty, if I may say so myself. I have a beautiful picnic basket lined in blue gingham checked material with white plastic utensils, cups and plates inside to serve four that is just waiting to be given to one of you!

Now that the weather is cooling off, it's not too hot to have a picnic at a park or perhaps in the mountains on a hike.

I'm offering this up for grabs until 5pm on Friday, August 19. To be considered, all you have to do is 'Like' the Musing Foodie Facebook page or if you already like me, send it on to 5 friends and let me know by commenting below. For non face-bookers, comment below what your favorite picnic food is and you're in the running too!

Thanks for joining in the fun and I can't wait to give this beautiful basket away!

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  1. Thanks for including the non-FBer's! One of my fav. picnic foods is pasta salad.