Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blogswap Gift Arrives!

This past weekend I was out of town attending a retreat at The Cove, in the beautiful North Carolina Mountains. It felt like Fall and completely put me in the mood for blue jeans and comfort food - with a pair of knee boots and a latte. Upon my return, I found my highly anticipated Blogswap Gift sitting on the counter - just waiting to be opened. (Noelle, I put your gift in the mail today - being out of town put me a bit behind but you'll get it soon!)

Sweet Jeni had my name and put together a fun box of treats...having done some research on my blog and discovering my love of sweets.

For each letter of FALL, they all incorporate my kitchen.

F - Fall Fragrance. It was an Apple Pie scented reed diffuser. I do love the smell (and taste) of apple pie. This gets me in the mood to bake one!

A - Aerated Chocolate. OH HONEY! I'm hiding this from the kiddos. I LOVE the new aerated chocolate and these will go quickly. Thank you for feeding my sweet side!

L - Luminary. Such a precious accent for my kitchen that needed a splash of fall. I love that it's a flameless candle!

L - Linen. This will go perfect in the kitchen as well. Some of my kitchen towels are a bit care worn and I needed an excuse for a new one. This is just the right accent.

And Jeni also typed up the most beautiful poem titled 'God in the Seasons' by Joanna Fuchs. It's such a perfect reminder of seeing the Lord in every stage of life and in every circumstance.

Jeni, my heart is thankful - I appreciate the gifts you sent me!

Happy Fall from North Carolina!


  1. Hey Catherine! I love your stuff! Great words for FALL too Jeni! I think my favorite in the Luminary!

    I linked this post to the other blog. Thanks for posting and wow, retreat at the Cove--fun!

  2. VERY Creative! Love the Linen. I haven't tried those chocolates yet but seeing them tonight makes me want one right now. :) Great gifts Jeni!

  3. I haven't seen those chocolates before either, but they look YUMMY!!! Good Job, Jeni!

  4. So glad I could feed your sweet side :) I wasn't too sure on what to get a foodie :) I haven't opened my bag of chocolates yet for fear I'll eat the whole bag!!!