Monday, August 27, 2012

Free Treats for kids from Barnes & Noble

I'm a sucker for freebies. I recently learned about the Barnes & Noble Kids' Club so I signed up after it promised free sweets. Who can pass up free sweets? Certainly not me! I filled out their online form, a nifty little club card arrived in the mail and now, I periodically get marvelous emails sending me coupons for significant savings, along with a free cupcake or cookie on each of my kids' birthdays!

My son turned 6 over the weekend, so today after school we stopped by the store with the coupon and card and he got to choose either a jumbo iced cupcake or giant cookie. Now I would have grabbed the decadent chocolate cupcake with fudge icing, but he chose vanilla with buttercream and I snuck a bite. It was delish! Barnes' and Noble uses The Cheesecake Factory as their bakery supplier, oh happy day!

If you want a fun freebie for your kids and some great coupons, sign up for the Kids' Club and BN.COM/kidsclub.



Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Hampshire Vacation

Hello Friends!

I've just returned from a fun filled family vacation to New Hampshire. We do a trip with my in-laws each year and this trip was action packed and adventure filled with an amusement park, moose hunts, hiking to waterfalls, horse back riding and blueberry picking, all-you-can-eat lobster and early morning fishing. I don't think we could've packed one more thing into the trip.

With two boys full of energy, all we had to do was mention an amusement park and they were climbing the walls with excitement. We could've spent all day on the log flume and water rides alone (I felt like I was 5 again, I enjoyed it so much!)

Maine and New Hampshire are known for their amazing blueberries and we were excited to find a farm where you could pick your own. We picked 10 pounds of the most beautiful sweet blueberries I've ever seen or tasted!

Out of this, I made a cobbler.

And a batch of muffins. Both were huge hits!

We went on a moose watch, but all we got out of that was about a dozen mosquito bites each. Maybe next year! Moose are one of my favorite animals and I'd love to see a bull moose in person. It's on my bucket list.

We also got up super early and went salmon and trout fishing. Loads of fun and this lovely picture is of me getting slapped in the face by the salmon I caught.

We also toured a submarine, which made me want to lose my mind as I do not do well in tight, closed in spaces.

We came back rested and full of great memories with a wonderful time spent together. I'll be sharing the cobbler and muffin recipes soon.