Monday, August 27, 2012

Free Treats for kids from Barnes & Noble

I'm a sucker for freebies. I recently learned about the Barnes & Noble Kids' Club so I signed up after it promised free sweets. Who can pass up free sweets? Certainly not me! I filled out their online form, a nifty little club card arrived in the mail and now, I periodically get marvelous emails sending me coupons for significant savings, along with a free cupcake or cookie on each of my kids' birthdays!

My son turned 6 over the weekend, so today after school we stopped by the store with the coupon and card and he got to choose either a jumbo iced cupcake or giant cookie. Now I would have grabbed the decadent chocolate cupcake with fudge icing, but he chose vanilla with buttercream and I snuck a bite. It was delish! Barnes' and Noble uses The Cheesecake Factory as their bakery supplier, oh happy day!

If you want a fun freebie for your kids and some great coupons, sign up for the Kids' Club and BN.COM/kidsclub.




  1. Love it!! We recently signed up too for the discount on books, good to know about the treats though!!

  2. Thanks for commenting Jenn! Your kiddos will LOVE the treats! :)